VVVV Installation

In order to involve the visitors even more in media spaces and presentation, an interactive acting with image and sound is almost standard today. For m box, manipulating and generating image and 3D worlds using code is one of the most important tools.

m box programs exhibits, installations and apps for various formats with the best tools for the objective. The close cooperation with the internal image and animation department and the concept team is a matter of course for m box and a decisive factor for the success of the result.

The most important tools in the m box toolbox include: VVVV and unity3d – but also various web technologies are used especially for the connection to data interfaces or for the creation of custom CMS’s for end customer friendly data maintenance. For video and realtime feeds, m box mainly uses the in-house m wall media server framework based on VVVV, which is constantly developed and adapted to the evolving requirements of the diverse in-house projects.

Media server programming | Media controls | LED controls | Custom CMS and database interfaces