"Sala Agua" Acciona Pavillion - Expo 2008

Together with Tamschick Media+Space GmbH m box realised an interactive walk-in environment in the Spanish energy company Acciona’s pavilion at the Expo 2008 / Saragossa / Spain.

The visitor found himself in an artificial world, which he could influence and alter. He senses the immediate reaction and transformation of his artificial surroundings according to his actions.

A Tamschick Media+Space GmbH production in cooperation with m box bewegtbild GmbH.

Interaction software: V4
Interaction hardware & image analyser software: Brainsalt Media GmbH

Awards: Designpreis Deutschland, 2010, Kommunikationsdesign, Nominierung,  Red Dot Design Award, 2009, Information Design/ Public Space, Auszeichnung, world media festival, 2009, Gold Art Directors Club of Europe, 2009, Merit