Wirecard Experiencewall

In 2019, Wirecard needed a flexible media exhibit to communicate its diverse business models to its customers. An interactive display wall in the reception area of the Wirecard AG headquarters became an attractive eye-catcher and innovative presentation tool.

The adaptation to heterogeneous target groups, be it customers or the press, took place via a complex system of interactive storylines. Depending on the situation, the presenter could decide at numerous plot points with which information he/she would enrich the story and how deeply the complex subject matter would be penetrated.

The content consisted of cinematic explanatory films, interactive data visualizations and generative elements. The system could be extended by the customer himself, so that the content variety was always enriched with daily updated information.

m box was responsible as general contractor in this project for conception, design, planning, content production and software development, as well as installation and technical realization.

Additionally, m box created first concepts and drafts for a planned Experience Showroom in the new main building. The project could not be realized.

Showroom with 12-part interactive display wall

User-friendly navigation system

With a simple menu control via a mobile device, the presenters can show the complex content on the high-resolution display wall.

Presentation films

An abstract animation look was developed for the interactively controllable explanatory films.