Generative Pulse - Mercedes-Benz - IAA 2011

Design, programming and realisation of ‘The Pulse’: a generative, real-time visual installation with vehicle tracking for the main stage at the Mercedes-Benz booth at the IAA 2011.

A large-format LED wall built in three levels and with kinetic elements provided the framework for the presentation of media content at the main stage. The content comprising of conventional film clips (designed and produced by Barbecue Design) were linked by the generative pulse (designed by m box).

On the one hand, the pulse served as the element announcing the following shows and on the other, it provided the framework for the presentation of the vehicles. The use of tracking and its direct and interactive influence on the performance, allowed the vehicles to be staged in a particularly special fashion.

Awards: ADC, 2012, Gold und Silber, Automotive Brand Contest, 2012, red dot award, communication design, 2012