Hornbach - Place of Silence

A spatial and media production for a very important place. But nobody likes to speak about – the toilet.
Together with Heimat Berlin m box erected an extraordinary monument for the place of silence with a temporary installation.

Via a spiral entry got over 100 visitors got access to the center of the room – in the middle a stone monolith with a full functional toilet. Only who dares to take a seat, will be trapped by metaphorical and abstract picture in a mad odyssey through the depth of digestion – till the liberating eruption.

M box designed and produced the unconventional space situation as well as its visual and auditive performance, were responsible for the technical equipment and programming of the feed system of 34 fan-shaped arranged projection surfaces and a surround sound installation.

P.S.: The toilet was actually fully functional, but – what a surprise – only a few people dared to use it 🙂

Spiral projection mapping

6 projectors / 34 fan-shaped projection surfaces / surround sound installation