The 5-minute immersive visual and sound installation invited visitors to delve deep into the history and DNA of Kazakhstan's first steppe dwellers and, in a surprise twist, made them part of this rich heritage.

The Great Steppe

The pavilion’s largest space, situated right at the centre, highlights the atmospheric beauty of the steppe landscape, its biodiversity and cultural variety, through outsized cinematic layers, framed by music and multi-channel sound. Mirrored walls add a kaleidoscopic effect to break up and multiply the movie scenes, splicing them with layers of animated LED grasses and lights for an impressively dynamic atmosphere and experience in space.

Nur-Sultan City-Panorama

Meanwhile, the high-resolution, photo-realistic 3D recreation of the Kazakh metropolis Nur-Sultan dazzles with its spectacular mixed-media presentation. LED backlights, spotlights, gobos, projections, and soundscapes bring this large-format image to life. The result is a pulsating depiction of this future-focused city’s daily cycle and innovative visions.

Final Mainshow

The ultimate highlight of the pavilion experience: a human-meets-robot performance framed by a 270° projection. This thrilling flight through space and time, nature and AI was animated by m box and accompanied by a bespoke soundtrack.