Fresenius centennial gala event

On the occasion of its centennial anniversary, global health care corporation Fresenius invited 1200 selected guests to an exclusive gala celebration at the Festhalle in Frankfurt am Main, Germany. The set up of the mediatecture was designed as a 160 meters long circular screen, providing the architectural framework for the event and the canvas for the 360 degree projection of the main show. m box created all visual media content for the event under the creative lead of Elsa Wormeck. The project was commissioned by Berlin based CB.e agency for communication.

The highlight of the show was a 7 minutes long intro film, which invited the guests on an abstract journey to explore the historic evolution of modern day medicine, closely interwoven with milestones of the company history of Fresenius. For this special occasion, Enis Rotthoff composed a symphonic soundtrack which he recorded with the Babelsberg Symphonic Orchestra, who also supported the event by their live performance. The sound was enhanced by implementing the wave field synthesis system for a true 360 degree sound experience (sound mixing: Taucher Sound Environments).

Next to the filmic highlights of the show, m box also programmed real time generative content with a variation of animated ambient structures. m box used their in-house m wall system to create the generative and cinematic content, as well as to provide the fine adjustment of the projection set-up on site.