Expo Reformation - Baptism Experience Space

As part of the World Expo of Reformation, held to mark the anniversary of Luther’s declaration, the Evangelical-Lutheran Church of Hanover decided to throw a spotlight on baptism with a bespoke experience space dedicated to this Christian practice.

Embedded in between the event’s meeting space and an almost 500-year-old baptismal font, the encompassing, cinematic installation – conceived by m box and displayed on a 180° screen, represents a core piece of the exhibition.

One of our key challenges lay in translating the traditional, clerical visual symbols to a modern, contemporary aesthetic with plenty of room for multi-faceted interpretations. Together with the spatial music installation, the resulting animation – composed of associative, occasionally very abstract images – allowed a vast range of very different visitors from all corners of the world to approach and explore the idea of baptism in a very emotional and personal way.

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